Friday, November 4, 2016



Trapped inside my own head, feeling overwhelmed with emotions, with panic.
For me, this is a day to day struggle. Picking apart a thought at a time trying to release the fear that I am drowning in. So desperately trying to find peace, or at the very least keep the buzzing down of the ten thousand thoughts inside my head. Some days they take over my whole body and I am left paralyzed, alone in the dark. A feeling I thought no one could understand.

How could someone even begin to empathize with me when the mess in my head feels like monsters taking over?

We are not alone, and we are not outcasts. We will find peace within, Taking one thought at a time and dissecting it until there is nothing left but quiet, peace. My goal, my journey, will be to pick apart a thought each day, to calm the buzzing, the calm the panic, diminish the overwhelming feelings, To have a life, to have control, to have peace.

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  1. Thank you for sharing! It takes courage to share your thoughts and feelings and I think it is wonderful that you have! It will let others who are having similar thoughts know that they are not alone. Well done!!