Saturday, November 5, 2016


Why do we shy away and hide the fact that we suffer from mental illness? Truth be told there is nothing to be ashamed of. None of us asked for this. None of us wanted this.

What I have learned, is that my mental illness has made me who I am today. Strong. I no longer fear the judgement or rejection of others because I have anxiety and depression. I was given this life because I am strong enough to endure it. Live it. Embrace it.

Never be ashamed of who you are. Especially if you suffer from a mental illness. Seek those who will empathize with you. Talk about it. Write about it. Let the world know. Together we can stop the stigma. Together we can learn, and find peace. We can grow as individuals.
I challenge you to stand up with us, and stop the stigma of mental illness. Let's be real about it.

Be you <3

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